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You finally finish the landscaping on your beautiful lawn and then you see it: small little bumps appearing all over your beautiful lawn. You have been infested with moles in your yard! Although moles can actually be good for your yard, having too many can cause unsightly mole hills and holes all over your beautiful lawn. Here are a few tips on how to get rid of moles in your yard:

 1) Wait It Out
Moles are actually good for your lawn. They aerate the soil and eat many pests that feed on your lawn. Before finding a way to exterminate them, factor in how much they are actually hurting the overall look of your lawn. Moles normally do not stay in one place for too long, so if you wait a couple weeks your mole problem may vanish completely (if not read the other tips below).

2) Make Sure You Aren’t Over Watering
Moles are attracted to water. If you are the only one in your neighborhood with a mole problem there is a good chance that you are watering your lawn more than necessary. Because their main food source is insects (specifically worms), they are attracted to wet soil because it is a perfect breeding ground for worms. If you cut back on watering you may see your mole problem disappear. 

3) Mole Poison
If you go to your local hardware or gardening store you are likely to see a variety of mole poisons. These products are either grains or nuts that are covered in poison, or poison gummy worms. The problem with these is that you’ll never know if the mole actually eats the poison and you need to be careful with these poisons if you have pets or children that play in your yard.

4) Mole Traps
There also are traps that can be placed in the mole burrows. These can be effective, but you have to deal with the unfortunate task of disposing of them after they are caught. If you do not want to do this yourself you can hire a professional lawn care provider to make sure that they are set properly.

Remember that moles do not actually hurt your lawn. Unfortunately they get blamed for many lawn problems that are caused by other rodents. The only real downside to having a mole in your yard is the pesky molehills that can occur, if you can deal with the molehills, they are actually helping out the rest of your plants in your yard. If you are getting unsightly molehills all over your yard, or you don’t like the thought of moles burrowing under your lawn, talk to your professional landscaper to see the best way to get rid of them.

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