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As Palm trees grow new fronds, their old ones begin to slowly die to make room for the new ones. This causes your palm trees to have drooping brown fronds. Not only does this add an eyesore to your well manicured landscape, but it also can be a potential hazard for your family and your home. If not removed, these branches can fall unexpectedly, possibly hurting things in its path. It is also important to trim these falling branches before storm season. Tropical storms and winds can rip off dying branches, making them possible projectiles in your neighborhood. To prevent this from happening here are five easy steps for palm tree trimming:

1) Examine the tree

Identify which palm fronds need to be trimmed. Fronds that are brown or yellowing should be removed, along with any that are hanging more than parallel to the ground. These are both signs that the palm frond is in the process of dying. Removing it as soon as it shows these signs will improve the overall health of your tree, because the tree will no longer have to save resources for the dying branch.

2) Set up ladder or stool

Most palm trees are going to be out of your reach so you will need a little bit of verticle help. Made sure that you place your ladder or stool on solid ground and that you have a spotter. This is a more dangerous landscaping job, so you may want to consider hiring a professional.

3) Start at the bottom

Begin removing any brown or yellowing fronds starting at the bottom and working your way up. This will make it easier for you to see what you have left to cut as you work up the tree. It also will ensure that you don’t miss anything, making your tree look well trimmed.

4) Remove all fruits and flowers

On a palm tree any fruits or flowers will take away from your tree reaching its possible potential (the tree will put its resources toward the fruit instead of the entire tree). Also fruits, such as coconuts, make for dangerous projectiles during a storm.

5) Properly dispose of your tree trimmings

Organic material, such as tree trimmings, CANNOT be thrown away in the normal trash. Most neighborhoods have specific days for organic material pick up. If your neighborhood does not, you will probably want to call your waste management service to find out how you can schedule a pick up.

Trimming your palm trees is not one the easiest do it yourself landscaping projects. If you have tall palm trees and you are not experienced with using sharp equipment while on a ladder, you may want to hire a professional landscaper to remove them for you. Do your neighbors and yourself a favor and get your palm trees trimmed before storm season. It could end up saving you a lot money down the road when you don’t have to pay for a broken window or a dented car.

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