Senior living aids the young generation — and vice versa

People tend to feel sorry for themselves and feel depressed about things especially when “old age” is the central topic of the discussion. It is not because they don’t know what it is, it is not because they don’t want to talk about it, it is not because they don’t want to think about it; but because living “old age” is sometimes a fear that people must face — fear that what they planned early in life hasn’t happened, fear that who they hoped they can count on cannot help them, fear that how they lived their life was not enough of what was expected of them. It is a raw kind of fear that anyone who’s approaching that stage or who’s in that aging phase can surely relate to.

Well, it is positive and good in fact that this particular time in life comes, because senior living aids people to continue their hopes and dreams, without anyone constantly bothering or putting them down or obligations they are so tied to. Because senior living aids the inner growth and fulfillment of the elderly, it is without a doubt then that “being a senior adult” is the moment in one’s life when they get to look back at what has been, smile at the sweet memories, cry at the sober stories, change what can still be changed, and hope more for those who are still on their way towards this age. It is very appropriate that whatever senior living aids to an individual, it is for that person’s betterment. People must understand that this very ripe or full age can either build or break people’s persona and life. Also, with these elderly in the society today, it is supposedly a chance for people to listen and heed what they have to say — senior living aids those who are still strong and solid enough, to correct and aright their decisions, knowing that these seniors have already done that, been there, and gone down. Why not heed their advice, and instead of learning from one’s own mistake, learn from others and try not to waste precious moments by committing the mistakes of the past generation.

Senior living aids the present generation and the present generation helps the future generation — it is a cycle that must be lived to. So whichever cycle you belong to, try to extend as much help as possible, because in time, you will also receive that attention and support from others. Do what you can to help, give back what has been serviced to you, and live a good life.

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