Senior Housing Real Estate Properties in Las Vegas

Florida and Arizona are long known to be popular retirement destinations. However, Las Vegas is in fact the top choice for majority of retirees. It is home to plenty of excellent senior housing real estate properties.

The low cost living and low taxes are some of the primary reasons why many people, not just retirees, are drawn to Las Vegas. In addition, it is blessed with a generally mild climate that is suitable to the health of seniors.

Living up to its reputation as the center of fun, excitement, and luxury, one can expect that senior housing real estate properties in Las Vegas are not the average retirement homes. Retirement communities here are much like resorts, only smaller in size. They are mainly designed for the active adult or independent senior lifestyle. They have hiking trails, fitness centers, tennis courts, swimming pools, golf courses, ballrooms, card rooms and many other amenities to keep seniors busy and active.

Those looking for a senior housing real estate in Las Vegas will surely find many options in the area. Demand is high for these properties, so it is best to be efficient in your search by having a clear idea of what you are looking for specifically in a retirement home.

Recreation facilities from card rooms to a spa to computer labs are typical amenities you will find in Las Vegas senior housing real estate properties. They would basically differ in the size and the type and quality of services. For instance, one home may feature a golf course but another one may have three golf courses. Another may offer residents discounted fees. It is just a matter of finding the best deal.

Homes with a high level of service and luxurious features can range anywhere from a US $400,000 to close to a million US dollars. On average, a senior housing real estate in Las Vegas is about US $300,000. These homes will still of course offer fantastic amenities. For example, a gated community in the western part of Las Vegas has a magnificent golf course as well as other features such as lakes and waterfalls, walking trails, tennis courts and others, all for a reasonable price of about $250,000.

Nevada is relatively a young city and it is set to see more changes from the rise of new businesses to continued development of prime senior housing real estate properties. This is guaranteed as more and more of the baby boomers enter retirement and seek exciting places to make their new home.

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