Different Senior Housing Options to Consider

A lot of people prefer to stay in the same community where they have lived most of their adult lives when they retire. Retirement homes sound like boring places for many seniors and retirees. However, there are plenty of senior housing options available to suit individual preferences, lifestyle, tastes and budget.

Manufactured Mobile Home:

One of the senior housing options available is the manufactured mobile home. This kind of retirement home is appealing to older people because it is affordable, economical, convenient and big enough for a senior couple. The designs are also suitable for older people. It can be assembled along family properties or it can be transferred to a mobile home senior community.


Also included in the top senior housing options are cooperative types of housing, which offers seniors the benefit of owning the house. It is also ideal for seniors who do not wish to maintain larger homes.


Condominiums are also popular for seniors who wish to retire. These senior housing options are advantageous because they are different from single family homes as well as apartments. Condominium owners have the title to the home and can have ownership of the unit.

Accessory Apartment:

Another popular senior housing option is an accessory apartment. This type of home is built in a vacant space or lot in a single family home. It is designed to be an extension of the home. Living in an accessory apartment can save money because of lower bills and easy maintenance.

Elder Cottage Housing Opportunity (ECHO):

This type of housing can be assembled or installed in the backyard of an adult child. It is self-contained and generally small but has enough to house a senior couple.

Home Matching Programs:

Also included in senior housing options are Home Matching Programs, wherein, as the name implies, a senior will be paired with another senior as roommates. This program can be very beneficial for the occupants because they are able to interact with each other, relieving them from feeling isolated or lonely. Assistance and counseling services are available in this type of housing.

Shared Housing:

Seniors get to live in one home. This can be very good for them because of companionship, convenience, economy and security. For some seniors who are not used to being with other people, this arrangement can be very difficult.

Senior Apartment Houses:

Senior apartment houses offer great security. Some offer full services from preparing meals to housekeeping while others offer accommodation only.

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