How to Pick a Suitable Senior Housing Community

Before actual retirement, seniors who are considering living in a senior housing community should take the time to review their options. Early preparation is important to make sure that they choose a community with the facilities and services that will suit their needs. There are several things to think about before arranging residence in a senior housing community. Below are some key considerations:

• Duration of the stay and care – Some seniors stay in a senior housing community for rehabilitation for a few weeks or so after a surgery/hospitalization then return home while others stay in the community for as long as they want to; The type of care that a senior needs should always be considered.

• Independent lifestyle – the senior is self sufficient and prefers to live alone; careful consideration of the environment, if it is indeed suitable to independent living, is crucial.

• Sense of privacy – if a senior is into a more independent lifestyle, privacy can be an issue. Seniors can choose either independent living type or assisted living type of care in a senior housing community.

• Personal care needed – seniors should assess themselves carefully to identify what type of care they need and, therefore, what type of community will be able to provide adequately for them.

• Medical and health care needed – seniors with chronic illnesses should be given special nursing care and medical services, independent living and assisted living are not suitable for them.

• Costs of staying in the community – seniors should know their financial capabilities; they should have good management of their retirement money and should consider which community and services will allow them to live comfortably at a reasonable cost.

Below is a list of services a senior normally receives from a senior housing community:

Custodial or personal care – this includes housekeeping, preparing of meals or cooking, grooming, use of toilet, assistance in and around the house, transportation assistance, administering medication, participation in activities, and etcetera.

Other services in a senior housing community include:

– Facilities such as pools, fitness centers, health clubs
– Libraries
– Beauty salons
– Organized Activities

Activities usually include the following:

– Organized recreational and social events
– Golf and tennis
– Health and exercise programs
– Church activities

It is advisable for a senior to evaluate the senior housing community by going to these communities personally. By doing so, they will have a better judgment of the actual facilities, amenities and services that the community offers and can effectively compare one senior housing community to another in order to choose the most suitable one. It is also recommended to seek advice from experts on retirement community issues such as nursing care issues, medical staff issues, facility issues as well as problems or concerns with payments.

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