Best Places to Retire

If you are looking for places to retire, be sure to make the perfect pick because the world is full of nice cities to live in. However, you should make a careful consideration in choosing. We recommend that you evaluate the place first before anything else.

People differ from each other in so many ways and it is the same when it comes to their retirement desires and needs. The perfect place for one person could be the exact opposite for another. To avoid this from happening you need to consider the following in evaluating places to retire.

• The city or place should provide sufficient medical and health care
• Low-cost of living in the area
• Enough amenities and facilities for recreation, entertainment, and other social activities
• Climate should be suitable for the elderly
• Low crime rate

Below is a list of perfect places to retire.

Holland, Michigan

In Holland, Michigan, you will find captivating sceneries and places that exude Victorian charm. The place actually resembles the Netherlands with quaint cafes, brick roads and old-fashioned roofs. The annual Tulip Festival is also held in Holland, Michigan every month of May. This is in celebration of its Dutch heritage. Ranked among the top five best places to retire, Holland has lots of parks, beach resorts, restaurants and markets. Retirees get to enjoy golfing, skiing, swimming, cycling and boating.

Boulder, Colorado

Included in the best places to retire is Boulder, Colorado. This city is perfect for outdoor adventures like hiking, mountain climbing, trail biking, and skiing. Fishing is also a popular past time in this city for outdoorsmen. Boulder, Colorado is also best for retirees because of its very low crime rate. The city has also won several awards as an ideal destination for retirement from various magazines like Men’s Journal, Outdoor Magazine, Forbes, Backpacker Magazine, Bicycling Magazine and Retire Magazine.

Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota, Florida is also considered a great place to retire for everything it has to offer. It is perfect for outdoor adventure as well as indoor entertainment. You will find beautiful white sand beaches that tourists and retirees enjoy. The city also has museums and cultural entertainment like theatrical plays, ballet, symphony and opera. The city is also a place for ballroom dancing, jazz concerts, golf, tennis and various water sports.

There are many other cities perfect for retiring including:

• Athens, Georgia
• Austin, Texas
• Lexington, Virginia
• Maui, Hawaii
• St. Simmons Island, Georgia
• Walla Walla, Washington

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