Living in an Independent Senior Housing

Seniors who are self sufficient, active, healthy and those who want to have privacy can live in independent senior housing. These facilities can either be townhouses, condominiums, apartments and mobile homes suitable for independent living. Many of these independent senior housing offers services but they may be limited to house maintenance or security.

Independent senior housing basically provides a safe and secure environment for seniors as well as providing quick access to establishments like banks, grocery store, shops and hospitals although medical services are available in the establishment itself. Monthly payments apply for the use of utilities and facilities and for services such as cooking, housekeeping, maintenance, security, repair of appliances, if needed.

These senior communities often organize activities like tennis matches, golf tournaments as well as regular visits to the park, museum, concerts, plays and symphonies. The monthly payment ranges from $500 to $1500, depending on the location of the independent retirement community.

The primary requirement in entering an independent senior housing is that the person should be 55 years old and above. The senior must be in good health and must be truly independent because the staff provides just the basic medical and personal care. Most seniors in independent senior housing regularly visit their physicians to maintain their health. These visits can be done by the senior alone or with the help of family members.

Income is also a huge factor when living in an independent senior housing. If the senior requires more services and amenities, he or she must have the capacity to pay for them. It is just a matter of identifying what services and features of the community are important to you and then looking for a place that can provide those at a price range that you can afford. Here is where researching your options becomes very important.

Living in independent senior housing is an ideal way for seniors to be self sufficient. There are even seniors with disabilities who choose to live independently because they do not want to be a burden to their families and loved ones. A lot of retirement communities are dedicated to helping seniors with disabilities. Independent senior housing are different from civic organizations because they are helping seniors help themselves by allowing them to live alone and take care of themselves without the supervision of others. Seniors get the opportunity to continue learning throughout their life by living independently.

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