Guidelines to Choosing Active Senior Housing

Many seniors who are fortunate to be in good health in their old age require nothing more than a place where they can fully enjoy their retirement years. The best housing option for these seniors is an active senior housing, also known as an independent living retirement community.

Below are some tips on how to begin your search for an active senior housing:

Choose a location. Would you prefer to live in the east coast or the west coast, for example? Narrow your choices by state and by city. Then, choose the type of active senior housing. Your options include rental apartments, manufactured homes, or an outright purchase of a property plus a homeowner’s fee.

List your wants, needs, and interests. For instance, would you like the rooms to be open and spacious? Would you like to have a view in your room? If you are into golf then surely you would prefer a facility with a golf course. Determine your budget. Make a list of your monthly expenses – rental/housing fees plus living expenses. What you want to make sure is that you will be covered for the rest of your life.

Arrange a visit with the active senior housing. The community will most likely send you an information packet and offer to give you a tour of the housing community. Visiting the site personally will give you valuable information to help you make your decision.

During your tour or visit, observe the environment carefully. Is the physical surrounding clean and well-maintained? What amenities are available? Observe the residents and the staff. Do they look happy? Try to get a chance to speak with one of the residents to get an insider’s view.

Check what services they offer such as health and fitness programs, organized activities, sports and others. Ask if the have transportation services so you have no worries about how to get around in case you do not have a car.

Obviously, active seniors love to go out whether it’s just for grocery shopping or visiting the mall. Most prefer to do their own shopping and errands so an active senior housing should be located near a shopping center or a mall. Ideally, it should be at walking distance.

Access to emergency services, clinics or hospitals is also very important. The good things is most active senior housing are built near these facilities but, nonetheless, double check that they are indeed nearby.

How secure is the community? Does it have an electronic gate or 24-hour manned security? Does it have security guards who patrol the community round the clock? An active senior housing with all these features offer residents greater sense of security.

Once you have all these information, you will be better prepared to make a decision. You may try a short-term rental arrangement first to see how well the active senior housing will suit you.

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