The Features and Advantages of an Active Retirement Community

An active retirement community, like other similar communities, is a place for people aged 55 years old and above. This type of community is the best alternative for seniors who wish to live independently with facilities and amenities that they need after retiring. Every active retirement community is different from another. It may be an apartment type of home, a single home, townhouse or manufactured home.

An active retirement community has what is often described as a maintenance-free lifestyle. Seniors get the chance to enjoy activities and socialize with other residents in the community. Most of the time seniors engage in physical activities like golf, tennis as well as visits to museums, theater plays and concerts. Organized activities like going to charity events and art galleries are also popular. An active retirement community normally has a clubhouse, among other amenities and facilities. However, residents in the community are responsible for their own regular medical and health check ups as well as doing their own laundry.

There are two different types of active retirement communities, the age-restricted active retirement community and the age-targeted active retirement community. These communities are governed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the United States with policies and rules stating that at least 80 percent of the residents in an age-restricted active retirement community should include a senior who is 55 years old and above. Individuals below 55 years old may live in the community but the ones who can live in the community permanently should be 19 years old or above.

In an age-targeted active retirement community, the rules are very much the same as the age-restricted active community. This type of community is for people who are above 55 years old with no young children and minors under their custody. Although young children are not allowed to become residents in the community, they are most certainly welcome. Residents can have visits from their grandchildren on a regular basis.

Another very popular type of active retirement community is the resort or leisure community. This type of retirement community has facilities and amenities like pools, tennis courts, golf courses, entertainment venues, fitness and health clubs that seniors get to enjoy. Also included in this type of community are organized events and activities like going to a charity drive, concerts, symphonies and theater plays.

Seniors would still want to maintain an active lifestyle even after retirement. Many would still want to continue with their careers or explore other types of work while some look forward to fulfilling their long time passions or spending more time on their interests and hobbies. An active retirement community is the best place for a senior to fulfill all these.

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